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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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. >> hundreds of squid wash up on a santa cruz county beach. it's a mass stranding but why it is happening remains a mystery. good evening everyon everyone. >> they are called jumbo flying squid but tonight they are dying in large numbers. and they washed up along rio del
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mar state beach. that's where allen is live for us tonight. >>reporter: they are also called humboldt squid. now this one is much larger than the calamari you might order at a restaurant. still has tentacle on it and weighs about 7 pounds. beach goers tell the us that the raccoon and the sea gull have eaten most throughout but you can still find plenty of them out there. it's a marin mystery. beach combers say they washed up on sunday. >> man probably thousands. there's a lot of them. all up and down. >>reporter: by the end of the day most of the squid had been eaten. norman says the sea gull have been gorging themselves. >> our dog wanted to go after them because they are sitting on the beach. they had the fill. >>reporter: researchers with the marine station at stanford are trying to figure out why the humboldt squid ventured out
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of the native waters in the sea of cortez near bat had a peninsula. >> it's the first time i have seen squid and it's definitely the first time i have seen really big squid. >>reporter: and these are just the babies. adult humboldt squid can yes to 6 feet long and 100 pounds. but researchers say all of these squid are juveniles. they were likely conceived and born in monterey bay and were unable to make it out to sea. >> when i came yesterday they were still alive some of them. still moving in the ponds and bodies were all i know tact. >>reporter: this isn't the first stranding. researchers recorded smaller strandings over the past two months from santa cruz to pacific grove. now they will be examining the content of the stomach to see if they died from natural or unnatural causes. >> and the last large stranding recorded was in 2004. that's when 1500 of these humboldt squid washed ashore along the long beach peninsula in
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washington state reporting liv live, abc 7 news. >> thank you allen. >> it was warm enough to set some records today but that will be changing. of sandy is here now with a look at live copler 7 hd. sandhya. >> on live doppler 7 hd clear skies except for a few patches of fog in the valley. visibility is dropping in santa rosa right now point 2 miles so fog pretty thick. that's the case for the morning commute. patches of dense fog. temperatures right now as you can see low 40's to the mid 50's. another chilly night ahead. grab a sweater or jacket. the high for today. 72 in downtown oakland. broke previous record of 68. skype in mountain view was a tie and oakland airport tied the previous record coming in at 71 degrees in you can say farewel farewell. to this mild to warm weather. we have rain coming. possibly snow here. we may even talking about some hail. back with the timing of the next cold storm in a few
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minutes. >> okay thanks. >> pleasant hill investigate yet another miami bomb incident. a parent spotted the device outside the office at pleasanton elementary school at 1:00 o'clock. classes had been dismissed but police put the school on lock down as precaution on friday police arrested 2 teenagers boys on suspicion of blowing up a mailbox with home made device. the boys had a second bomb in their possession investigators say. >> new at 11:00 san francisco police are on the hunt for the person who shot a man on mission district street. officer reresponsibleed to reports of multiple shots fired near 14th just before 8:00 o'clock tonight no. information on the victim or his condition is available at this moment. members of the ss pd gang task force were on the scene beginning their investigation. >> another fatality on the streets of san francisco this afternoon brings total number of pedestrians deaths to 18. latest accident happened in the city financial district of
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beall and market where cornell bernard is live for us tonight. >> this intersection very, very busy place during rush hour. the man was crossing beall street right over here when struck and killed. he's the 18th pedestrians to die this year in san francisco. the district attorney has a plan to prevent more tragedies. >> this is scary that the intersection. >>reporter: crossing market and beall street is the risky thing she does every day on her motor wheelchair. >> cars will come through here too fast. and cars making the right hand turn try to turn really fast and go in between the pedestrians walking. >>reporter: today a man in his 40's was struck and killed while crossing beall street just before rush hour. the driver of the pick up that hit him stopped after the collisio collision. >> he is cooperating with law enforcement and we are going, dependent upon what happened
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witness statements and any surveillance video. >>reporter: mary license witnessed the accident. she says it didn't have to happen. >> we are always rushing about for the holidays. i'm always trying to encourage people to slow down be present be safe. >>reporter: ironically district attorney george kicked off a safety campaign just hours before the accident. it's called what's the rush. urges draivrs and pedestrians to drive and walk carefully during the holiday when more people are out and often distracted. >> we all have to work together in order to reduce traffic collisions we all have to work together in order to make our streets safer and reduce injuries. >>reporter: in 2011 17 pedestrians were killed in san far this year 18 have now died. for now charlotte will keep driving defensively. >> slow down. take it easy. it's not like we are rideing in covered wagon. we are going to get where we go a lot easier if we all give.
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>> what's the rush campaign will mean higher fine for drivers who don't yield to pedestrians and more tickets for jay walkers who cross where they should not. identity of today pedestrians victim has not yet been rae leased. live in san francisco tonight, 7 news thank you. >> woman convicted of killing nursing student michelle lay could spend the rest of her life in prison. esteban was sentenced to 25 years to life today. he said he has never seen a case with stronger evidence of premeditation. michelle lay was last seen alive at kaiser permanente in hayward in may of 2011. a nursing student remember. searchers found her body 4 months late ferry in a remote area near pleasanton. pros can can youtors said esteban killed michelle lay because she dated her ex boyfriend. lay family has written let investigators future parole board asking them to keep esteban in prison for life. >> family of rivera holding out hope nature she is still alive. federal authorities have confirmed that she died in a
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plane crash in mexico overnight but in a news conference late today her brother said they are a strong family and will remain strong. >> in our eyes we still have faith that my sister will be okay. we have no confirmation of her body being recovered dead or alive. >> corrina has more now on how fans are remembering jenni rivera. >>reporter: dj at spanish language station radio lace intersan jose surrounded by posters of jenni rivera mexican-american superstar was there in april to help 93.7 make its official debut. >> she was like our mexican lady gaga. that big. huge celebrity. having her as our launch radio station for celebrity it meant a lot for u us. >>reporter: 43-year-old mother of 5 became a mexican-american singing sensation. appealing to fans on both sides of the
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border. >> role model for hispanic community all over the united states and international as well. >>reporter: she sold more than 15 million major label recording album and won a string of latin music award. fans paying tribute by buying her cd's in san jose. >> she will be missed and music still played and she's going to be the always remembered as she was happy as an artist a-mom, the friend. >>reporter: family friends in southern california where rivera lived still trying to comprehend the superstar sudden death. singer jet crashed in northern mexico following a concert killing 7 people including rivera. >> we are like in denial. many keep news prayer. there are no words. >>reporter: soulful singer seemed to have a special bond with latino followers. battled poverty, divorce other hardship to achieve success.
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>> she has been through so many up and down and she got through it. yes. so i do admire her. as a woman. >>reporter: social network site twitter and facebook are exploding with condolences. rivera death has many others searching the internet to find out more about the talented artist killed at the height of her career. >> huge loss of a human being. more than just music. >>reporter: many fans knew of her personal challenge because of her reality tv show i love jenni where she interactd with her family and toured the united states and mexico. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> many coming up next. woman who survived 6 frigid days in the sierra. tonight you hear the 911 call when she was discovered alive. >> also. appealing for mercy. pit bull thousands of people trying to save from the executioner. >> and new debate over the new university of california logo. which side are you on?
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>> then later on fight line. >> coming up next on "nightline". australian shock jock behind the royal prank call that took deadly turn they are speaking out for the first time tonight. plus we are behind the scenes at fedex as they deliver millions of they deliver millions of present. try to beat
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>> woman who spent 6 days stranded in the sierra snow she had a feeling when the boyfriend left the jeep in search of help that she would never see him again alive and sadly she was right n.a 911 recording obtained today we hear the reaction just after she was found by her brother. reporter george warren has the story. >>reporter: the evening inn keeper at sorenson resort made the 911 phone call last wednesday that ended the mystery of the missing couple. >> okay is anybody else awhich are of this or is this the first time you are reporting this. >> first report came flying in through the restaurant. >> okay perfect. >>reporter: 6 days after her boyfriend jeep got stuck on a
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snowy road miles beyond a barricade paula lane was found by her brother gary who was acting on a hunch. he had a cal-trans front loader parked by the sand pile to go looking for his missing sister. the resort was a mile down the roa road. >> the lady who has been missing for days has just come in here and sneeze hypothermia ick condition so we medic as soon as possible. >> is it hypothermia. >> frost bite on the feet. wait right now we have her interthe fire and wrapped in a blanket. >>reporter: that the point the dispatcher learns that roderick clifton who left the stranded jep the morning after and became stuck did not survive the hike out for help. >> is there any serious bleeding on either one of them. >> well unfortunately the gentlemen passed away. he's still up at the lake. >> the male. >> the male passed away. he's still up at the lake. >> oh, my goodness okay. >>reporter: paula lane soon taken to hospital in carson city. 36 miles away. she
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waited by the fire at southernson for the ambulance to arrive. >> if she gets worse in any way call us back medley for further instruction we have help coming to you. >> thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >>reporter: although paula lane was held at the hospital in carson city through the weekend doctors say most of her recovery will be emotional. george warren, abc 7 news. >> l tens of thousands of people have rallied behind a san francisco dog that could be ordered euthanizeed on wednesday. charlie accused of attacking injuring a u.s. park police officer and horse on august 6. animal care seized charlie. they named him too vish to us remain alive. judge will decide whether charlie will be put down. more than 90,000 people have signed an on line petition to try to save him. >> students and alumni university of california schools are protesting new logo adopted by the uc system. the
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original logo on the left. it has been in use since 1868 and will remain on all official documents. the new logo was created to be more recognizable on line. but petition now circulating on campuses on facebook and other site to keep the original design saying the new logo lack prestige. >> well remember the last three days how nice they were. fading memory now. >> becoming very winter like. let's check in with sandhya and live doppler 7 hd. >> yes. we are going to get a winter like storm here in the bay area out of the gulf of alaska bringing a chill to the region and we will see the possibility of snow as well. live doppler 7 hd rate now seeing clear sky other than a few patches of fog. santa rosa half mile visible with the fog so wendy burch out in the morning. here are the highlights. rain tomorrow night going into wednesday. snow possible above 3500 feet. talking about dusting of snow and freezing cold thursday and friday morning especially in the inland valley as the cold air celts in. so high pressure
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brought us second day of record temperatures today. but that's fading away as dan mentioned. here's the storm out of the gulf of alaska bring cold rain snow level down to 3500 here's a computer animation tuesday night 8:00 p.m. rain beginning to move into santa rosa. rain lane starts to shift south. light to moderate rain at 11:00 p.m. tuesday. pretty wide spread as you notice. now the good thing computer model speed this up so at 2:00 a.m. it's already south and east north bay beginning to get a break and head into 5:00 a.m. the commute doesn't look that bad compared to the previous computer model run so we see some areas where the rain lets up and we will of course see slick roadway at 5:00 a.m. wednesday spotty showers at 7:00 a.m. and few showers may continue over the hill heading into the afternoon. mix of rain and snow see here in the hills surrounding clear lake just north of ukiah. wednesday 2:00 p.m. but by the time the
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coldest air arrives most moisture will be gone so we'll see if this winter type mix actually materializes. rainfall total up until 11:00 p.m. wednesday we are looking at quarter tore half inch peninsula south bay santa cruz mountains 10 to the quarter east bay north bay mountain this is not expected to be a heavy rain maker but it will certainly bring us the chill tomorrow morning lack out for the patches of dense fog northeast bay valley and we will see low clouds filling in along the coast. temperatures chilly once again upper 30's to the upper 40's so make sure you bundle up when you head out the door. in the sierra nevada tuesday 10:00 p.m. to wed 10:00 p.m. we have a winter weather advisory going up. 4 to 9 inches above 3000 could see up to a foot with the gust up to 50 miles an hour you know chain control are possible so make sure you carry them could see some travel difficult. high on tuesday with the cloud cover near the coast increasing clouds much of the region. 56
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half machine bay. 57 santa rosa san francisco, 60 in oakland ahead out to at the time inland east bay far cray from today mild weather. 62 livermore. san jose 62 degrees and monterey bay 67 degrees in monterey. accu-weather 7 day forecast rain switching over to showers early on wednesday afternoon and then it's going to be cold morning thursday friday could even see some frost in the morning. temperatures in the low mid 50's heading that the wean. chance of rain returning on sunday. carolyn and dan get ready for taste of winter early. >> oh, yes. >> thank you very much. >> lets check in now with larr larry. >> interesting nature for steff down in charlotte north carolina. >> he had fun. happy home coming for steff tonight. warrior stat that will make you warrior stat that will make you go no way. yes way. sports is
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>> good evening. warriors won in charlotte 4 and o on the road trip. last time this
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happened on a trip was 1978. 1978. i was a toddler in 78. well, all right who is your daddy in charlotte? i'm not sure everybody is buying that. with his dad. take it away from parker and check out the french pastry on the finish. lee double double machine. 25 points. 11 board boards. and with authority. this is just embarrassing. rookie taylor left in the dust. where did he go. i had him a second go. 27 points. 7 assist and 7 board. frolickin frolickingen of the third quarter jack steals and scores. warrior win 104-96. 14 and 7 on the year. 4 and o on the trip. at miami on wednesday. san jose state just lost a terrific football coach. off to colorado for two million dollars a year. coach mack took them from the bottom of football and now going back to the bottom again but in the pack 12 for ton of money to
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rest regular the 1 and 11 team. no word if he will coach san jose state in the military bowl on december 27. >> i think they will do fine without me to be honest. that sounds crazy but they are prepared. a lot of my staff will stay there of course and i think they will be extremely successful and get the 11th win and be the winningest team in football history. >> 49ers visit new england on sunday night. tom brady did tonight was flat out scary. patriots hosting the 11 and 1 texans. new daddy. brady performed surgery on the texans without anesthesia. first of the 4 touch down passes to hernandez. 7 nothing patriots. he's mixing up the potion there. lesson for the niners. watch the play action fake because he will throw to it former niner. wide open. 37 yards. 21 nothing patriots at the half. third quarter dropping the biscuit in the basket. dante made a 1 handed catch. 63 yard score 28
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nothing over houston. 11 and 1 and when going your way it's going your way. screen pass to little danny who makes a couple of nice moves b punched out but right to lloyd for the touch down. thank you very much. patriots destroy houston. 49ers they have suspended ru running back jacob for the final 3 games of the regular season without pay. jacob frustrated because he never gets to play. tweeting that he is rotting on this team. it has been my experience that most management frowns on such expression. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> for some crazy reason. >> i don't know why. >> thank you very much. >> up next. man who won nearly 200 million dollars. >> will he keep his job? >> will he keep his job? stay with us
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>> quick run did you know of what's important. >> first look at power ball
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winner matthew good. he and his wife will receive 192 million dollars. he had hoped to stay anonymous and keep working at electronic company to stay employed but they are made public in arizona. >> matthew good. >> apple mapping app safety issue in australia one city asked drivers to stop using it. police in victoria police rescued people. one was stranded for more than 24 hours without food or water in a desert. >> then there's this chic primate. monkey found wandering in an ikea dressed in a stylish company. escaped from a crate in the owner car. the monkey since taken to animal sanctuary. >> it has a sheerling coat. really. >> sandy is here. >> first thing tomorrow morning it's chilly. wake up forecast patchy dense fog at the coast then low 40's to low 50's by 8:00 a.m. tracking the weather
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4:30 to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> that is our report. night line-up next. i'm dan. >> i'm carolyn johnson thanks for joining us for all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> we do indeed. morning news starts at 4:30. thanks so much starts at 4:30. thanks so much for watching. good night.
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tonight on "nightline," after their royal prank call took a deadly turn igniting a global backlash, the australian shock jocks face the music. >> the thought that we may have played a part in that is -- g garishing. on the busiest shipping day on the year they are santa's rivals when it comes to package deliveries. we are beh


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